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Dealing with stressful situations can cause more stress. Learning how to handle stress is not easy. Stress affects everyone! There are different types of stress, both mental and physical. Some people cope with stress more effectively than others. Recognizing how YOU PERSONALLY deal with stress is the first step to dealing with stress in a more positive manor. For example a hard workout adds physical stress to the body and can reduce mental stress. On the other hand reading a book or working on a puzzle will reduce physical stress. Our bodies generally experience stress, recover and return stronger to deal with the same level of stress more effectively next time.
Mental stress is a different than physical stress. Both can be positive or negative and may cause more damage than good if not handled smartly. For example, taking a day off after a hard physical workout gives our muscles an opportunity to recover and become stronger and ready for the next workout. Mental stress is different! How do we give our brains a day off? We don’t! We can only give the brain something different to focus on.
Activities that are challenging but fun can help distract us from that mental situation that was causing our brain negative stress. Accomplishing a small task that challenges our brain can change the way our brain thinks about what it can control. Physical workouts work in the same way. We learn our physical limitations and work at increasing what our bodies can handle, one work out at a time. Giving our brain the same type of opportunity to experience the challenge and recover is not easy but helpful in handling mental stress.
Give your brain a break just as you do your body after a hard workout. If you ever feel like things are out of mental or physical control, contact your health care provider and regain control! We are the captains of our destiny.
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